Dwelling in Filth

by Weeping Ulcer

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    Recorded & Produced by Gareth Desmond (Loop Studios, Dublin), February 2011. Remixed & Remastered by Ben Wanders (Nebula Studios Limerick, Shardborne, Slave Zero), November 2011.

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released November 14, 2011

Guitars, vocals - Ian Flockhart
Bass, vocals - Marcel Golstein
Drums, vocals - Graeme V. Flynn



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Weeping Ulcer Dublin, Ireland

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Track Name: Chemtrail
Lyrics & Vocals by Graeme V. Flynn

Seeded skies
...Covered up
Systematic numbing

Global trauma
Weapons testing
Multi agency deceit

Population control
Mind control
Citations hoaxer

Drugged out
Shut down
Toxic poisoned mind

Population control
Mind control
Citations hoaxer
Barium / thorium / silicon carbide
Track Name: Fear
Lyrics & Vocals by Marcel Golstein

Fear screams my name.
Paranoia knows who I am.

Exhale the thoughts of anxiety
Mass control through media
Scream out in fear

Fear knows my name
Paranoia knows who I am

Fear, Paranoia, Anxiety, Insanity

It's all to blame to mass conspiracy
Track Name: Shaman
Lyrics & Vocals by Ian Flockhart

Time and space do not constrain me
My mind has perceived hidden reality

Prepare the sacred mushroom
Flesh of the Gods
Escape from mortal binds
Infinity awaits

Dimensions overlapping
Here all wisdom is contained
Freedom of the soul

Become one
Become everything

Killed by christians in the name of God
What God is this that delights in pain and suppressing enlightenment?

Man has become lost
Outside of himself
Neglect of the spirit
Reflects in his health

Seek the truth that cannot be taught
Only learned, with patience bought
Few among us understand
The Earth rules man

Become one
Overcome anything